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Flavoured E-Liquid Not to Blame for Teen Vaping or EVALI -CDC

Flavoured E-Liquid Not to Blame for Teen Vaping or EVALI -CDC

If 2020 has taught us anything - it is that we all need to very carefully digest what is being propagated by the mainstream media.  Examples of this -  “news” about political elections, the COVID-19 virus, and vaping causing teen deaths - are all partially true stories that are indiscriminately being blasted all over our daily news feeds.  Fact check.  There is a lot of misinformation out there.

We are in no way disparaging keeping up with current news and events.  It is important to always strive to be more knowledgeable.  It shows wisdom when one chooses to educate themselves and learn more about what is happening around them.

The PodVapes team does discourage blindly accepting any “news” article at face value.  We all now have the resources and responsibility to dig a little deeper and not just skim headlines.  This article is admittedly biased but the PodVapes Team is transparent enough to argue both sides of vaping. 

Effects of the Faulty FDA Releases on Vaping

Case in point is the now famous (infamous) yearly releases from the US FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) in which they continue to contradict other verified data and toss around faulty and inaccurate statistics attacking vaping - while at the same time choosing to ignore recent and more accurate data that supports vaping.

Untrue and biased reports are often posted and usually do not get scrutinized at all.  What should draw the ire and attention of the vaping community is that these multiple FDA releases - backed by hundreds of millions from the anti-vape lobby - almost curtailed and killed flavoured e-liquid sales in the US.

Headlines lambasted the vaping industry for months after the FDA reports.  I still hear and read that “EVALI (e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury) killed tons of teens because they vaped fruity e-liquid”.  And that “kids only try vaping because of the fruity flavours they want to try”.  This triggers me.

We now know that EVALI is caused by a sharp intake of Vitamin E Acetate that is found only in THC (Marijuana) vaping and not by regulated nicotine vaping at all.  This is rarely mentioned by the media or government.

In typical fashion - 8 states have now either banned or propose banning all fruit flavoured e-liquid sales.  This knee jerk reaction stems from hundreds of millions being dumped into disinformation by anti-vaping advertising.  The less cynical take is that politicians are also looking for “easy wins”, piling on, and engaging in an issue that most simply choose not to educate themselves on.

CDC Refutes US FDA Stance on Teen Vaping

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a statement in 2019 that is continuously omitted whenever “news” is released on teen or youth vaping.  There is a ton of great information here and we highly recommend you going through the whole thing.

The main gist of the statement is that - contrary to previous and popular media reports and anti-vaping backed government releases - teens choose to vape because they are curious about it - not because they are tempted to vape because of the fruity flavours.

In fact, fruity flavours was listed as only the 3rd determining factor as to why teens admit that vaping allures them at all.  

  • “I was curious about them” (55.3%)
  • “Friend or family member used them” (30.8%)
  • “They are available in flavours, such as mint, candy, fruit or chocolate” (22.4%)
  • “I can use them to do tricks” (21.2%) - CDC

The prevailing nefarious arguments that anti-vapers have used, and continue to use, is that the vaping industry created and marketed fruit flavoured e-liquid purposely to entice teens to try vaping and that EVALI is caused by fruit flavoured e-liquids.  Both arguments ring of only partial truths.

Restriction and banning of fruit flavoured e-liquids consequently was put into place to “protect” teens from being targeted by the big bad vaping industry.

Conclusions - Fruit flavoured E-Liquids do NOT Cause EVALI and are NOT the Reason Teens Vape

The PodVapes Team stands by the statement that vaping is not for everyone.  In fact - do not vape if you are not trying to quit smoking.

We have always testified that our mission is to help ex-smokers by providing them the safest form of harm reduction - providing safe and legal vaping products that help smokers reduce nicotine intake levels.

We never condone or advise youth or teen vaping.  We do condone the blanketed statements from the anti-vape adherents who continuously target the vape industry and provide partial facts in their arguments.  

The CDC has stated that the EVALI outbreak was due to vaping THC products and illegal or black market e-liquid.  

Teens do not choose to vape because of e-liquid flavours.

These one sided arguments dangerously curtail safe options for those trying to vape to ease nicotine addiction.  It is universally accepted that combustible tobacco smoking is the worst and most dangerous possible form of nicotine intake.  What is the logical or pragmatic argument against a proven safer alternative such as vaping?  What possible reasons can the anti-vaping lobby have for continuously attacking the vape community?

Flavoured E-Liquid Not to Blame for Teen Vaping or EVALI -CDC
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