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The Best Vapes of 2020

The Best Vapes of 2020

With the rising number of vape users and growing support from the medical community, the vaping industry is well on its way to an estimated worth of$65 billion by 2025. As such, a plethora of vape companies have flooded the market with their own take on the increasingly popular and healthier smoking alternative.

The extensive range of vapes gives vapers plenty of choices, while also making it a bit of a challenge to pick the best of the bunch. So we've scoured the web for credible information and analyzed the data to find the best vape of 2020.

But first, what is a vape?


What is a Vape?


In essence, a vape is an electronic device that simulates the act of smoking. From the discreet, sleek design of vape pens, to the much bigger vape mods, they come in all shapes and sizes.

The types of vape devices that make up this list are defined below.

  • Pod Systems – The latest advancement in vaping hardware, pod systems are designed to accommodate individual e-liquid capsules, rather than the traditional refill method. They are convenient and inconspicuous, which makes them perfect for smokers who are quietly making the switch.
  • Vape Pens – Vape pens utilize a very simple system that’s made up of two parts – the tank and battery. To save on waste, vape pens are reusable and have a considerable battery life, which is great for all-day use.
  • Vape Mods – Vape mods are the best choice for veteran vapers who are looking for a stronger device. More powerful than the pocket-size counterparts, the vape mod design is ideal for creating thick plumes of vapour or ‘clouds’.


With that cleared up, here are the top-rated vapes of 2020.


JUUL C1 Device


The godfather of vaping has made a quiet return with the JUUL C1 Device. Confident in the quality of their products, and the loyalty of their users, JUUL kept the release of the C1 relatively under wraps.

Despite the lack of fanfare, the newest JUUL vape is set to determine the future of the vaping industry, with the C1 boasting ground-breaking bluetooth capabilities.

The new, connected device features several benefits, each set to make your vaping experience easier. Features include:

  • A built-in 200mAh battery
  • Ergonomic dimensions of 95x15x6.8 (mm)
  • A 0.7ml pod capacity
  • 2-year warranty
  • Non-adjustable airflow

But the real draw of the C1 is in its smartphone compatibility, with the app giving you better control over the functionality of your device. Some of the app's features are highlighted below.

  • Greater Security The JUUL C1 possesses an auto-lock system that prevents any unauthorized access to your device. You can manually lock and unlock your vape through the app.
  • Find My Vape There's nothing worse than getting nicotine cravings with your vape nowhere in sight. The JUUL app allows users to ping their device and play a noise to help locate it. If you are out of range from your device, you can also check the last location that it connected with your phone.
  • Monitor Usage The JUUL app gives you full visibility of vaping habits. You can see your daily, monthly, and yearly usage.


At the reasonable price of $38.50, the JUUL C1 device is an affordable option for those looking to make the switch over from tobacco cigarettes.

STLTH (Pod System)

The STLTH pod system (pronounced stealth) is a modest device, built purely for practicality. Offering a new way of vaping, STLTH has rid its design of coils and refills to produce a mess-free nicotine delivery system.

STLTH's sleek, tasteful appearance gives you a sense of maturity when vaping, making the reliable system ideal for adult vapers. Plus, with their impressive range of colors, you can find an aesthetic to fit with your style. Choose from black, blue, grey, rose gold, and the limited edition gunmetal to start vaping with your preferred device.

The STLTH pod system packages include;

  • 1 device
  • 1 charging cable
  • 1 instruction manual and warranty registration card


Now boasting an upgraded 420mAh battery and subtle 19.1x11.1x85.5 (mm) dimensions, the STLTH pod system is perfect for uninterrupted, all-day usage.


BO Device - Ignite 1


The Ignite 1 combines the bold flavours of high-quality BO branded e-liquids with a supple, contoured design. BO has set out to make vaping an occasion, and with the Ignite 1, many users would agree that they have.

Waving goodbye to clunky, oversized devices, the Ignite 1 features an ergonomic casing that is perfect for handheld use. It also features ceramic coating, which leaves the device feeling soft to the touch.

The 380mAh rechargeable battery is a staple of BO's vaping tech and keeps your device running all day. That paired with the 1.5ml e-liquid capacity, makes the Ignite 1 perfect for vapers who are constantly on the move.

One of the more favourable assets of BO vaping tech is the anti-dry hit system. Put in place to prevent burnt e-liquid from ruining your drag, the anti-dry hit system maximizes the flavour profile and improves your overall vaping experience.

At an affordable £30, each Ignite 1 package features:

  • 1 device
  • 1 USB charger
  • Pods sold separately


KandyPens Special K (Vape Pen)


The Special K vape pen by KandyPens is a compact, discreet device with an elegant design. The ergonomic shape of the Special K is a reliable option for vapers at both ends of the spectrum. Not only is the device incredibly lightweight, it also comes with a fashionable carrying case, so you can keep it secure when carrying it in a bag or your pocket.

In the name of inclusivity, the Special K is compatible with both e-liquids and essential oils, which allows you to continue using your preferred type of vape juice. In addition to this, the featured 510 threading means your device can also work with THC and CBD cartridges.

The Special K flaunts a helpful variable wattage battery along with a modest 1.0ml e-liquid tank. Though this may be a little small for experienced vapers, it's important to note the widely available and surprisingly cheap refill options.

To boost its functionality, the Special K refill system is intended to be simple as possible. All you need to do is screw the handy refill tank in and you'll be all set.

KandyPens are so certain of the longevity of their batteries, that they offer a lifetime warranty when you purchase the Special K model.


myBlu (Vape Pen)


The myBlu pen is a great system for smokers to kick the habit and rid themselves of tobacco cigarettes. It incorporates easy to attach pods that simply click into the top of the device. As a result, you gain unfettered access to the 12 top-quality flavours featured in myBlu's collection.

This vape pen offers an extensive library of flavour profiles and caters to a range of taste preferences. Everything from golden tobacco to cherry crush are available to use with the myBlu system.

Akin to other modern pod vapes and pen systems, the myBlu device is intelligently compact and surprisingly light weight, making it easy to use for vapers that are constantly on the go.


Innokin iTaste Kroma-A (Vape Mod)

Innokin's iTaste Kroma-A contains a staggering 2000mAh fast-charging battery, making this one of the more powerful vape mods on the market. Despite the impressive capacity of its battery, it fits comfortably into the 72mm compartment of the iTaste Kroma-A.

Additionally, the Kroma-A comes with 75 watts of temperature adjustment, a feature that allows you significantly more customization over your vaping experience. If you pair that with the OLED display, then monitoring and controlling your device temperature is possible through the click of a button.

Innokin makes the protection of their users a priority, which is why they implement a collection of fail-safes and an excellent Aethon chipset in their iTaste Kroma-A devices. 

With its 2.0ml tank and fully adjustable airflow system, the Kroma-A is truly built for custom vaping. However, with the advanced functionality, comes a higher need to understand the device's functions, which is why a vape of this calibre is best suited to more experienced vapers.

The Korma-A is a slightly pricier vape than others on this list, clocking in at around £42. But with the extra cost, comes extra gear. Each Korma-A pack comes with:

  • The iTaste Kroma-A 75W TC mod
  • 1 Innokin Axiom M21 tank
  • A 0.8 Ohm Kanthal BVC (pre-installed)
  • A 0.5 Ohm SS316L coil (spare)
  • 1 micro USB charging cable
  • Spare o-rings
  • Spare tank glass
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • Vape band
  • Stickers


Paragon Pods


Despite being the new kid on the block, Paragon Pods have quickly amassed their status as one of the best pod vape brands on the market.

By combining an efficient manufacturing process, with pure, unfiltered innovation, Paragon Pods have developed a series of high-quality vaping hardware that people can't wait to get their hands on.

The team behind Paragon Pods has managed to create a system that's compatible with some of the most revered vape brands to date, with their J-style and S-style pods being a perfect fit for the current collection of JUUL and STLTH devices.

By utilizing only the finest ingredients and highest standard materials, Paragon has become a worthy opponent to the leading brands. But Paragon's true power lies in the taste. With a collection of superior e-liquids, the rising star offers an abundance of full-bodied flavour.

Some of their most popular e-liquids include:

  • Rich N’ Velvety – Paragon's take on caramel, this e-liquid offers a smooth, rich flavour pallet.
  • Morning Roast – All the coffee and none of the caffeine, Morning Roast is perfect for those who enjoy a cup of coffee.
  • Lemon Lime – The citrus explosion of Lemon Lime is designed to rehydrate and rejuvenate.
  • Mixed Berry – A testament to classic summer flavours, the Mixed Berry brew is the perfect warm-weather e-liquid.

Noticing a gap in the market for high-quality, explosive e-liquid taste, Paragon stepped in to provide vapers with the answer. Employing their enhanced brewing process and advanced vape technology, Paragon Pods helps those looking to experiment with more flavours when using their JUUL or STLTH device.


SMOK X-Priv (Vape Mod)


The Smok X-Priv is a powerful source of vaping machinery, possessing both sophisticated design and intuitive engineering. From its expertly crafted circuitry to its visually appealing casing, the SMOK X-Priv vape mod is one of the best open system devices on the market.

It has a display screen on the front of the device, which provides users with vital information including wattage, battery life, and temperature. In addition to this, it houses a monumental 225W of power all thanks to its efficient, durable battery that makes this the ideal open system device for cloud-chasers. The ingenious 12-second cut-off system also means you can't vape too excessively.

SMOK have fitted the X-Priv with a TFV12 tank, and with an engine like this under the hood, you can expect some serious power. To add to the stylish nature of the X-Priv, SMOK has released it in 9 unique colors.


Wrapping Up The Best Vapes of 2020


The selection of options above is a good place to start your search for the best vapes available in 2020. The more informed you are, the easier it'll be to find what you're looking for. Take your level of vaping experience, e-liquid flavours and budget among other factors into account before coming to a decision. Between all the industry leaders on this list, there is a perfect vape for everyone.

The Best Vapes of 2020
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