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The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your JUUL

The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your JUUL-PodVapes™ Australia

It’s no surprise that JUUL has become the dominant player in the pod vaping game. Its simplicity and ease have made it a household name. All this being said, under its plain interior lies some intelligent technology, which without a small amount of care can begin to affect its operation and the overall performance of the device. If your device does begin to cause you issues like dry, burnt or missed hits, fear not, the issue may be due to some simple cleaning requirements to restore it back to new and return the vaping experience that we all know and love.

Maintenance Is The Key

Regular upkeep of your JUUL is necessary to ensure the longevity of the internals and battery life. This simple requirement of most pod vaping devices is often overlooked and we thought it necessary to create this guide to help our customers understand the importance of keeping your device clean.

You may be thinking: “Why should I bother cleaning my JUUL? Is it really necessary?”  The answer is simple, just like personal hygiene, maintaining the cleanliness of your JUUL is essential to the ongoing performance and longevity of the device.

The building up of residue in the battery from leaking pods is the primary reason for cleaning. The residue from the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin used in vape juices can become trapped in the battery, gradually becoming thicker and darker and leading to damage and disruption of the circuitry within the device. This build-up can trigger minor functionality issues but can worsen as time goes on and may eventually cause your JUUL to stop working permanently if not dealt with.

Your device has a magnetic charging port at the bottom that attracts particles of dust and dirt. So even if you don't drop your JUUL in the dirt, particles will slowly accumulate on the metal surface and can result in difficulty recharging the battery.

Cleaning the JUUL

Here, we present some easy ways to clean your device. You will need the following:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Cotton swabs (Q-Tips)
  • Paper towels
  • Narrow, pointed object (Tweezers) 
    1. Dry Cleaning – The most basic cleaning tip. When done regularly (once a month), this can be the only step you need to perform.
    A. Remove the pod and wipe up the excess liquid inside the pod slot with a cotton bud or paper towel. 

      B. Remove the dirt and accumulated residue from around the bottom edges of the opening where the rubber meets the outer metal body using tweezers or any narrow tool.

      C. Clean the internal metal connection pins. These pins are spring-loaded and are attached to the Juul pods to ensure a consistent connection between the pod and the device. When the pins are pressed in, they create openings allowing the juice to flow into the internal mechanisms of the battery. This can cause your JUUL to malfunction.

      a. Insert a cotton bud into the opening of your JUUL device and down onto the pin connectors and allow any excess juice to be absorbed.

      b. After a few seconds, remove the cotton bud and see if it absorbed any juice from the pins.

      c. Repeat steps a. and b. until no more juice is absorbed from the pins.



      2. Alcohol Cleaning– This method comes with minor risks and is recommended for devices that need vigorous cleaning. The alcohol can help remove or soften the sticky residue around the bottom of the JUUL opening. 



      A. Remove the pod from the device. Soak the cotton tip in the alcohol leaving it slightly damp.

      B. Gently clean around the metal pins avoiding compressing them. Make sure the JUUL is inverted when doing this step to keep the alcohol from leaking into the device’s battery. 

      C. Once you have removed the residue, wipe off the remaining dirt or moisture using another cotton bud or a paper towel. The Juul pod opening should now be clean.

      D. Check if the charging port at the bottom of the device also needs cleaning. If the magnetic charging area has built-up residue, wipe around using alcohol and a paper towel to remove the dirt.




      In Summary

      1. Dry cleaning, when performed regularly, is all you need to maintain the overall performance of your JUUL device.

      2. Using alcohol for cleaning comes with risks, however, it is a good idea if you haven’t used your device in a while or it stops creating vapour. Make sure to not allow excess alcohol to enter into your JUUL. 

        Feel free to share this article with all your pod vaping friends. These same techniques can be used for any device sold at pod vapes.

        So how did you find these cleaning tips? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below. Cheers to a gunk-free, trouble-free vaping!

        The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your JUUL-PodVapes™ Australia
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