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Update on Planned Ban on Nicotine Imports into Australia

Update on Planned Ban on Nicotine Imports into Australia


As you probably remember, in June 2020 the Australian government announced a ban on importing nicotine into Australia. 

Primarily intended to help stop teenage vaping, the shock news of this extreme measure came as a big surprise to responsible vapers across Australia. 

With the help of some supportive politicians, many thousands of vapers signed a petition to protest against the ban. As a result, the proposed ban was deferred until January 2021 whilst the government reconsidered its position. 

Various vaping groups including the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA) and Legalise Vaping have continued to highlight the latest scientific evidence that shows vaping is less harmful than smoking and is a proven method to help smokers quit their tobacco habit. 

On 23 September 2020, the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) released their revised recommendations. The ban on nicotine imports is now NOT likely to happen. 

This is good news for those of us who depend on vaping to remain smoke-free and for smokers looking to quit through vaping. You can read the full details here on the TGA website.  

The nicotine import ban would have meant the end of easy access to vaping products as a means of quitting smoking in Australia. Many vapers would have returned to the far more dangerous method of consuming nicotine by smoking tobacco, which whilst more expensive is far more readily available. Vaping would have become an ‘underground’ activity, with vape liquids supplied in a potentially dangerous ‘black market’. 

With this newly proposed common sense approach, vapers in Australia can now breathe a little easier. 

You will still need a medical prescription to legally import nicotine e-cigarettes and vaping pods into Australia for your own use. PodVapes has more info here on where to get a prescription, including a growing list of supportive doctors in Australia who can help those looking to quit smoking. 

The infographic below from the TGA outlines the new process. This is likely to start early in 2021, and as you can see, you will be able to continue to purchase e-cigarettes from pharmacies, online manufacturers and online retailers like PodVapes. 


Infographic Source: Therapeutic Goods Administration (Department of Health, Australian Government) 

The TGA is conducting free webinars in October 2020 as information sessions aimed at consumers, health practitioners and suppliers. You can register here if you’re interested

It is important to point out that this new approach is currently only based on recommendations from the TGA. The Federal Health Minister, Mr Greg Hunt is yet to formally agree with it. 

At PodVapes, we think this revised approach makes much better sense than an outright ban on nicotine vaping. We are very grateful to ATHRA and Legalise Vaping for their great work in lobbying the TGA and convincing the government to reconsider the initial ban. (You can still donate to the Vapers’ Fighting Fund.)

We pride ourselves on being an industry leader in adopting age-verification processes for all customers. PodVapes has never allowed minors to buy from our online stores, and we continue to lead the way with best practices to encourage responsible vaping.  

As ex-smokers ourselves, we know the health benefits of vaping over smoking. Breathing fresh air is always best, but for smokers who want to quit, vaping is a much better alternative. 

We’re constantly on the lookout for the best quality pod vaping products available, and we back these with sensible prices, rapid and reliable delivery and 24/7 customer support. 

PodVapes is here to help you on your vaping journey. We’re pleased that the Australian government is now not likely to ban nicotine vaping. We’ll keep you updated with the latest info so please join our mailing list to stay on top of these changes. 

As always, stay safe, and stay healthy.

Update on Planned Ban on Nicotine Imports into Australia
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