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Vaping On The Rise As Cigarette Prices Soar

Vaping On The Rise As Cigarette Prices Soar-PodVapes™ Australia

For the eighth straight year in a row, tobacco smokers in Australia will need to dig even deeper into their pockets after September 2020 to sustain the cost of soaring cigarette prices. On average the cost of traditional smoking will rise by a staggering 12.5%, meaning Australians will be paying some of the highest prices in the world to buy cigarettes. 

For some context of the dire situation that affected people are facing, recent statistics from the Natural Health Survey showed that the average daily smoker smokes 12.3 cigarettes per day. With a pack of 25 Marlboro Gold reported to set you back $48.50 from September 2020, the average smoker (of Marlboro Gold) would be spending nearly $9,000 annually on cigarettes alone.

If past trends are anything to go by, paying such a premium price to continue smoking won’t have the effect that the World Health Organisation (WHO) previously anticipated. 

WHO expected price hikes to be 'the single most effective way to encourage tobacco users to quit and prevent children from starting to smoke'. However, the impact on smoking reduction has been insignificant.

The abandonment of smoking altogether is a step too far for many smokers. An addiction to nicotine, as well as the habitual routine of the smoking process itself, makes quitting especially challenging. 

Fortunately, smokers now have the opportunity to vape, which relieves many of the burdens experienced by tobacco smokers.

Firstly, making the switch to vaping delivers significant cost savings. The comparison table below weighs the average cost of vaping against the average cost of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

With up to 82% savings to be made, it’s no wonder an enormous wave of smokers are making the transition to vaping. 

But financial benefits aren’t the only reason for the rapid ascent of vaping into the mainstream.

There is also a life-saving aspect that many people are unaware of. It has been reported that vaping is much less harmful to long-term smokers and far less addictive than smoking cigarettes.  

Vaping also helps people gradually wean themselves off tobacco cigarettes, and also wean themselves off their nicotine habit.  

Taking all of these factors into account, the continued growth of vaping could be one of the catalysts that finally sees smoking numbers decrease as desired by health authorities. 

While it is by no means a perfect solution, vaping is a far better and healthier alternative to smoking.  Vaping will mitigate many of the price and health concerns related to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping On The Rise As Cigarette Prices Soar-PodVapes™ Australia
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