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PodVapes Collaborate with VapingScripts.com.au!

PodVapes Collaborate with VapingScripts.com.au!

With the announcement by the Australian TGA on mandated nicotine prescriptions starting in November - The PodVapes Team is proud to announce our new collaboration with vapingscripts.com.au. Get your online nicotine prescription safely here.  

This collaboration reinforces the PodVapes mission of championing vaping as the safer alternative to smoking. It has always been our goal to educate our community as well as provide safe vape accessories.


Will we Need a Prescription to Vape?

As of November 1 202, Australian vapers will need to acquire a nicotine prescription before purchasing vapes that contain nicotine. This comes directly from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)¹ relabeling nicotine from a “dangerous poison” to a “prescription only medication”. 

This relabeling of nicotine is a direct move by the TGA to combat the attractiveness e-cigarettes have to underage vapers. Vaping experienced a 95% growth among Australian youth vapers from 2015-2019.  

A nicotine prescription will be required before purchasing any or all e-liquids that contain nicotine, as well as chewing tobacco. Interestingly enough the new TGA classification does not require prescriptions for normal cigarettes.

Safer Vaping

Though harsh at first glance - the PodVapes Team chooses to see the nicotine prescription requirement as a step forward. We have always advocated that vaping is simply the safer² alternative to smoking and have never supported or targeted youth vaping.

The relabeling by the TGA can be seen as unfair, as we still scratch our heads that normal cigarettes were not relabeled as well, but can also be seen as the governments’ way of creating a legal safe space in which vapers are finally included.  

We see this as the first step, one of many we hope, where we can create a legal and fair environment in which vapers can quit smoking while being protected by law as well. Hopefully future legislation will address banning normal cigarettes as well as adapting to any unforeseen gaps that we all know will appear. This is a good first step. We are happy that vaping is taking its first baby steps in legally being recognized as the viable way to quit smoking altogether.

Get an Online Nicotine Prescription using VapingScripts.com.au!

No need to scramble for an appointment with your family GP to get a prescription! Some GPs won’t even issue nicotine prescriptions. Avoid the hassle!

PodVapes is proud to announce our new collaboration with VapingScripts. We constantly strive to ensure our community always has access to vapes, accessories, and the services they need to vape safely. The VapingScripts team of medical professionals are quickly able to issue online TGO-110 conforming nicotine prescriptions for you.

VapingScripts has joined PodVapes in our endeavor to promote vaping as the less dangerous option to smoking. Not only do they issue online prescriptions, but you can also avail of their professional Quit Coaches as well.  

The vaping world is constantly in flux. We are here to provide you with the quality devices and e-liquids that you’re looking for. We also feel the importance to provide vapers with the quick and easy services needed to comply with new Australian vaping legislation.





PodVapes Collaborate with VapingScripts.com.au!
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